Travel | Hokkaido in the Summer


in the midst of some serious summer heat in july 2017, I decided to explore outside of Tokyo with gracie, my former-copywriting-partner / forever-soul-sister.

in less than two hours from Narita airport, we found ourselves in Hokkaido—our little haven.


While most people think of Hokkaido for winter skiing, it is a stunning place in the summer. With the backdrop of lush greenery, we indulged in mild weather and Hokkaido pastries, soft cream, sea scallops, and—of course—fresh uni. 


We showed up for the flowers.
We stayed for the soft cream.

We spent 5 days total in Hokkaido: a few days in the lavender fields of Furano, the rainbow flower fields of Biei—before returning back to the city of Sapporo for more eats and sake bars. We set out for Furano after seeing photos of the vast hills of purple on the internet.

Do it for the 'gram.


OF COURSE, THE Seafood was incredible.

Hokkaido is famous for fresh seafood—uni, scallops, salmon roe, crab. It was all incredibly fresh, sweet, flavorful.

My expectations have been set and I can't go back. 



Japanese-American sculptor—magician of scale and geometry. I was so pleasantly surprised with this park and all it's gorgeous views. 


10 out of 10 would recommend another trip, especially as a mild-weather reprieve from the sweltering humidity in Tokyo.

Lessa Chung