test test: HELLO WORLD

It's 2016! I'm finally ready to put pen to paper—er, fingers to keyboard—and kick off my personal, not-so-personal blog. 

I have a handful of thoughts and I figured I'd collect them all in one place. I don't really expect people to read my Instagram captions, so I'm eager to carve out my own little space on the internet.


what's my mission?
As a professional in a creative field, I want to create a space for inspiration that's unmarred by key marketing objectives or client feedback. The only KPI here is good vibes. 

There's also just a lot of negativity out there, so I'd also like to balance out the bad vibes on the internet. To inject a little bit of pastel and floral happiness in what can often seem like a dark, bleak world spewing crap and close-minded nonsense.

So yeah, this is a bit of a soul-preservation exercise.


Things to come. maybe.

  • stories of bad ass betches (who inspire me to be a better person)

  • quick quotes from people & things that inspire me

  • ad campaigns that don't make me cringe at marketing

  • animals doing cute things

  • doodles. I started a challenge last year and... well, maybe it's time to finish it off.

  • stories of a-ha moments. mine. yours. ours.


Do you have a personal blog? What made you start it? Do you have any suggestions or advice for me?

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Lessa Chung