Bad haikus for good partners

Art & copy.
The classic creative couple. 

When I started to study advertising, I had no idea being a creative came with a partner. Had I known, I probably would've changed course: put on the Sorting Hat and beg to be placed in a different industry. 

I’m a lone wolf—classic middle child, I suppose.

It wasn’t until my first full-time gig that I was officially paired with someone. I couldn't believe it: my very first creative partner. I didn't know how to spend so much time with one specific person.  I shared her as a partner with another art director, which turned out to be the perfect situation to ease into.


Because partnerships are legit relationships.


As an art director, my copywriter often became my other half. I spend way more hours with them than a roommate or significant other. 

My partners, much to my own embarrassment, have definitely seen me at my best and at my worst. From riding that high after killin' it in a client presentation to shedding tears of exhaustion after one hell of a month.  

Working together as partners, you get close. Weirdly close. In ways that generally would make other people pretty uncomfortable. 

Sometimes you make eye contact and laugh manically across a very full conference room. And other times it’s the 2nd week of a new business pitch and, well, you’ve given up on showering. I mean, the only things you'll see today are your partner, your laptop, and then your pillow when you face-plant on it in the middle of the night. So you look at your shower in the morning and just shrug—fuck it.


Like any relationship in your life, a creative partnership is built on trust and a mutual understanding that most things are made better with alcohol.


You trust another human being to have your back. To share the burden of a 9am client meeting. To give you a wake up call when you're about to oversleep the 6am call time. To not throw you under the bus, even when your CD thinks the idea is shit.

To stick with you until that last email is sent...and maybe proofread it a couple times before it goes out.

Flying solo for a few months, I've had some time to reflect.

And I realized how special each of my partnerships have been. I had the privilege of working with five very unique women. Each pairing shaped who I was when we worked together and who I've become in the time since. As a thank you, I’ve written these half-way haikus about each partnership.

Twin-terns to partners,
you never forget your first.
food trucks, lunch potlucks.

Sip trips to world trips,
we'll travel to live big dreams.
love you a latte.

"You went to BU."
Engagement. Paid media.
Shots. Shots. House Party.

SpongeBob & Squidward,
laughter is v contagious.
kitty godmother. 

headphones. passport shot.
Sam Smith sang at MSG.
white plus, vintage key. 

huevos rancheros.
Heart 2 Heart: right from the start.
brunch babes, any day.

"hey you're amp chair girl."
just gals in leopard print shoes.
shoulder taps. dig inn.

wine bottle, black out.
loofah laughs, golden showers.
Chuckie & Hippo.


sun salutations.
things on toast, tricked out oatmeal.
wine stains. scrambled brains.

are you my uber?
sunny lunch walks with long talks.
tiger mom. blessings. 

Lessa Chung